The great snus guide


With 150 different types of snus and continuous innovation, it can be hard to find the snus you want or the snus you should have.

It started as a loose and dark packed substance 200 years ago, and today we know snus by the characteristic round box. The development of the snus category has made it come in all white, portion and in mini portions. The strength of snus, which was once «standard», has become a scale of 1-4 where you choose the strength you prefer.

Several flavors have also joined the market. The snus has always been added to taste in one form or another, but today you have far more opportunities to find something that suits your wishes.

To guide you through the big jungle of snus, has created an overview of the snus you find in Norway and Scandinavia. The list is divided into snus, format, strength, and taste.

The guide does not contain reviews of products or any other form of marketing of snus products.


Loose snus – Loose snus is the oldest type of snus. Tobacco, salt, water, and taste. Loose snus comes in various coarseness, which means how many cuts it has been made in the tobacco leaf.


Original portion – Portion snus that comes in original dark bags. White portions that are white with dark tobacco, and in all white. White portions are known to last longer because the bag is not moist until it lays under the lip. It is about the same amount of moisture in white portions as it is in the original portions.


All white  – Snus with washed tobacco. There is no tobacco flavor in all white snus. In addition, the snus doesn’t make unwanted colors on the teeth.


Large – A larger and wider portion that is also the first portion size on the market. In Sweden, this is the most popular size of portion snus. Slim – The portion is as long as the large portion, but thinner. The fact that it is thinner means that it does not extend down the teeth, and therefore becomes more subtle.


Super slim – An even thinner portion than slim. This size is very discreet. In some situations, someone prefers to hide that they snus. Others prefer a thinner fit.


Mini – This is shorter and thinner portion snus than any of the ones mentioned above. It is therefore very discreet. The portions come in a smaller box than the types mentioned above.


Strength of snus is something that is relatively new. (Fun fact: In the Norwegian market it is more popular with stronger snus. In Sweden, normal strength is the most popular.) Some snus types have a higher nicotine level, which makes them stronger. But flavoring, PH value, and moisture are also crucial to the strength experienced.

Level 1 – Known as normal or original. This level is indicated by two dots on the box. This is the strength the snus was first introduced in/with.

Level 2 – Known as strong. This strength is indicated by three dots on the box. It is common that there is some higher nicotine levels or other flavors that enhance the strength of this snus.

Level 3 – Labeled as extra strong. This strength is indicated by four dots on the box and is an even stronger experience than strong snus.

Level 4 – Known as super strong or ultra strong. The snus box is indicated by five dots on the box. This is the newest and strongest snus in Norway.


Flavoring in snus is essential for a good experience. The smoke aroma is prominent in all snus, except for the latest all white type.
When it comes to taste of snus, it is primarily two groups that rule. Original snus with a taste of tobacco, smoke aroma and with mint flavor.
In snus that is not all white, there is a taste of tobacco and smoke aroma. This makes some flavors better suited to snus. Whiskey, bergamot, mint, licorice and other provide flavors that have good synergy with the tobacco in the snus and are therefore the most popular flavors we find in original and in white snus.
For all white snus, there are no limitations from the tobacco. Flavors like melon, blueberry, lime, and apple have been used in all white snus so far. I all white snus, the possibilities are many, and we are constantly seeing new flavors and combinations on the market.