How snus affects your body

By Birk Ottestad

How is the body affected when taking snus, and with what side effects?

Snus leads to increased concentration. Blood pressure and pulse rate can increase with snus, research shows that the heart beats 5-10 more heartbeats per minute. The blood pressure increases because the blood vessels contract, but in the same way, the heart rate and blood vessels return to normal when not using snus.

When you put a snus under your lip, you feel is a slight burning sensation. For some, it is relaxing and comfortable and for others, it may be a little uncomfortable. What causes these feelings is nicotine. When the nicotine enters the blood, the brain secretes dopamine.

Snus and nicotine

The nicotine in snus belongs to a group of substances called alkaloids, along with substances such as caffeine and adrenaline. Dopamine is a natural substance in the brain. When the substance is triggered it can give a good feeling in the body and affects the reward system we have in our brain.

What snus does with the body varies, but many who absorb the low nicotine content that is in the snus, have no effect on the heart rhythm or the body in general.

This is why many do not use snus during or after the workout. Several also believe that snus after exercise can increase recovery time and that it will take longer before you are ready for a new workout.

– If one is not overly dependent, the nicotine may be stimulating. Theoretically, this could increase the performance of certain types of exercise, says doctor Dagfinn Haarr to 

But then it is so that the nicotine will cause the blood vessels to contract and thus reduce the body’s ability to perform hundred percent, Dr. Haarr adds.